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Hi all... I have finally started pulling apart pieces of my house in preparation for more procrastination, and discovered unknown materials behind the walls. Take a look:

Linoleum 1

Under the linoleum..

Linoleum 2

Under the linoleum closer..


On the ducts (!)


Tape used in drywall.. probably not asbestos

So, how long do I have to live? :(

Note: I don't plan on flying off the hook based on opinions anyone offers. I would first obviously take it to a lab to be examined. Also, I'm not terribly worried, eventually it's everyone's time to go, right?

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  • 13 comments found some....25 years to 45 years for meslotheolma....lung cancer...not enough exposure for asbestosis...
yup. My dad died of Mesothelioma. The incubation period is about 20-35 years. He died at 54, 11 months after it was diagnosed.

Seriously, it takes inhaling one particle. Get tested every year. It's a nasty cancer.

In theory---one fiber can cause meslotheiloma...but you have to think of it this way...everyone is exposed to a minor degree in one's life time(because asbestos is in over 3000 materials). Everyone does not come down with asbestos related really...its a your case...very low...what you want to do is LIMIT your exposure as much as possible. So when you encounter these materials, try not to disturb them too release the fibers, you do not want to make them airborne. Wetting the material is recommended prior to disturbing it. If you are really concerned you can hire an asbestos removal contractor. Hope that helps...Len
What kind of work did your dad do?? Was he in the asbestos industry? plumber, hvac, navy?
He worked in construction for a while in his early twenties, and then at GM. So who knows? Also, it could have been from my grandfather, who built ships, bringing fibers home on his jacket and clothes. Who knows?
Did you happen to see my icon? I'll be surprised if I live long enough to die of lung cancer. ;)
Thank you for the info. I will be careful not to separate the linoleum from the subfloor. And the ducting? No ideas?
yuck. my eyes are itching and i'm coughing just looking at your piccies!
I think you will be fine. It appears what you are looking at is floor leveling. What happens when you get it wet?



January 29 2009, 18:41:29 UTC 9 years ago

I'm an asbestos consultant in CA; linoleum backing frequently has asbestos in it and at quite high concentrations. I would guess from your picture that the linoleum is asbestos containing, as is the ducting insulation, and possibly the joint compound in your walling. Just be careful when you remove the materials (i.e. wet it, wear a real respirator {not a dusk mask}, and be careful how you dispose of it if it does have asbestos).

Good luck.
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