Pepper (peppuurrrr) wrote in dwellings,

Smelly Problem

I need help quickly! I think I have a dead rodent in the wall - the smell is overpowering, sickening and throughout the entire house and I am supposed to have a Hallween party next weekend!

I live in a house that is 120 years old. The foundation, which I beleive mice are burrowing behind, is made of brick. Finding the damn dead thing would consist of tearing apart an already fragile foundation - not an option im afraid :( The smell is coming up from a crawl space in the basement, which is below the kitchen. Its not so bad throughout a majority of the house although the kitchen is quite ewww. The cabinet that holds the sink has a hole cut away in the wall under it which allows the pipes to come up from that crawl space. So opening the cabinet lets in a lot of funk.

What can I do to get rid of the smell if I cant find the "body"?? Is there any chemical, mirical spray, someone I can call?

PLEASE HELP!! I am desperate!!
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