Astraios (astraios) wrote in dwellings,

An unusual stain

Hello people!

I have a perhaps odd bathtub problem regarding a stain I can't seem to get rid of.

I was cleaning the tub one evening with CLR Bathroom Cleaner, it comes in a yellow spray bottle here in Canada, works wonders!

I was using a purple cloth to clean the tub, and left the damp cloth over the spout to dry when finished. Unfortunately, I forgot all about it, and went to bed. Overnight, the cloth slipped off the spout and fell on the floor of the tub.

When I lifted it off the next morning, there was an ugly, irremovable purple stain where it had sat. I'm not sure whether it is just the dye from the cloth, or if it's a combination of CLR residue, water, and the dye, that caused the stain.  I'm not sure what to use given that I don't know its exact nature. And given the strength of CLR, I am afraid it may be permanent if I can't find a product to deal with it. Is anyone familiar with this kind of stain? Should I attempt to bleach it over?

Thanks for your advice.
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